World Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness Week (WAAW) – Nosotech announces 4 new Antibiokos projects!

November 21st, 2023

Preventing antimicrobial resistance together: World AMR Awareness Week theme

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) threatens human and animal health, agriculture, food security, and economic and social wellbeing It is in fact part of the top 10 global health threats, but most do not yet recognize the damage it causes. “In 2019, nearly 5 million deaths were estimated to be associated with bacterial AMR, including 1,27 million attributable to bacterial AMR.” 1   ​There are proven ways to slow down and control AMR – everyone and every industry can help!

#GoBlueForAMR is a Canada-wide colour campaign during World AMR Awareness Week (WAAW) November 18-24. This campaign aims to increase the visibility of AMR and share knowledge on how to tackle this growing threat. To mark WAAW, landmarks all across Canada will be lit blue to increase awareness of AMR.

Our team gathered today, dressed in blue, to take part in this collective movement and talk about AMR. We want to take this opportunity to raise awareness about this issue that concerns us all!

Antibiokos : Presscribe better. Treat better.

We want to take this opportunity to talk about our software dedicated to optimizing antibiotic prescriptions,Antibiokos. We have started some new implementation projects for this antimicrobial stewardship software, which has had a facelift in the last year, and we are delighted about it!

Discover a few of them below and contact our team to find out more about Antibiokos and/or the evolution of our other software which will allow you to take action against RAM!

Antibiokos software Login screen

1. Antibiokos at the Montreal Jewish General Hospital

Nosokos software has already been used by the infection prevention and control team at theMontreal Jewish General Hospital for serveal years. ​As this first software was already interfaced with the existing patient admission (ADT) and laboratory systems, the Antibiokos implementation was simplified and mainly consisted of integrating data from the pharmacy system. The same standardized databases are now used for the different needs of users of these two expert systems, Nosokos and Antibiokos. A project evolution that maximizes the return on investment of our software and services!

​The Antibiokos implementation was carried out in collaboration with members of the antimicrobial stewardship team responsible for the JASPRO (Joint Antimicrobial Stewardship PROgram) program at the Jewish General Hospital. The latter followed the Antibiokos training in May 2023 and began using the tool to simplify their work of optimizing antibiotic prescriptions on a daily basis. Having to review a large number of files every day, this tool will help them tosort and prioritize prescriptions more easily. Indeed, one of the great advantages of the Antibiokos solution is the flexibilityof two important features :

  • Personnalized lists, which offers several sorting and filtering options and the ability to assign files to certain team members according to multiple criteria. This feature helps improve team efficiency, communication and productivity.
  • Alarm generator allows you to configure alarms for real-time monitoring and according to your local specificities. ​Nosotech supports you in setting up these alarms based on very precise detection algorithms, thanks to its efficient rules engines.

Examples of alarms used in Antibiokos

  • Time out on the duration of anti-infectives according to predefined criteria
  • ​Detection of treatment resistance
  • Early transfer of intravenous treatment to the digestive tract
  • Detecting redundancy in antimicrobial coverage
  • Pharmacokinetic monitoring and dosage adjustment
  • Reporting the use of broad spectrum antimicrobials
  • Optimization of treatment linked to the calculation of creatinine clearance
  • Support in surgical antibiotic prophylaxis

All this will have the effect of maximizing the impact of interventions and optimal use of antibiotics!

2. & 3. Antibiokos arrives in Belgium!

Similarly to the previous project, we had particularly exciting news during Summer 2023: 2 new Antibiokos projects, this time, with 2 existing Belgian clients! Our product and implementation specialist, Mr. Gervais Deschênes, supported the antimicrobial stewardship teams of Erasme HospitalandJules Bordet Institute(two sites of the University in the City of Brussels, Belgium already Nosokos customers), in the adoption of our Antibiokos technology. ​The first training was just completed this Fall and the teams are currently in the final adjustments to adapt the product configurations to their specific needs. Other European Antibiokos projects are being discussed and we hope to start new implementations of our software in the coming months!

4. Antibiokos kick-off at the CISSS de la Montérégie-Centre

Already a Nosokos customer, the CISSS de la Montérégie-Centre, with its two hospitals, the Charles-Le Moyne Hospital and the Haut-Richelieu Hospital, will start the implementation of Antibiokos in the coming weeks. The team was waiting for its new regionalized pharmacy system to begin this project, which follows an RFP that Nosotech won during the Summer. We can’t wait to hold the first project kick-off meetings and are happy to be able to support this team in optimizing their antimicrobial stewardship tool!

An effective implementation approach

Complete support.

Our approach is distinguished by complete support for the configuration of interfaces by our team and a high level of customization which ensure optimal efficiency of the solution for your operations.

Fast autonomy.

Our field experience allows us to approach the implementation of our software from the user’s point of view in order to minimize the time required by your teams in configuration and to ensure rapid autonomy for users.

To find out more and get a demonstration of our Antibiokos solution, contact us!

  1. Antimicrobial Resistance Collaborators. Global burden of bacterial antimicrobial resistance in 2019: a systematic analysis. Lancet. 2022 Feb 12;399(10325):629-655. ↩︎

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