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Informed control.

Nosokos already operates in some 50 large-size healthcare establishments, and is the most comprehensive and efficient healthcare-associated infection prevention software in the industry.

It integrates perfectly with your internal systems, and quickly becomes the hub of highly efficient monitoring, control and management.

Smart infection
prevention software

Nosokos enables infection control teams to frame and manage healthcare-associated infections in their facility more effectively to reduce incidences. It’s a real hub to be used on a daily basis, and stands out for its many advantages.

Diagram of the Nosokos integration into a healthcare facility's internal systems
Two infection prevention experts analyze the data in real time
For you managers

The response to growing challenges

Nosokos responds to the challenges of modern management of healthcare establishments in every way:

A solution to the labour shortage.

Nosokos optimizes your infection control teams’ work at all levels to help them focus where their work really matters…providing high quality healthcare.

A solution to limit costs.

Medication costs, bed occupancy related to infections, Nosokos helps you act at the source: infection control.

A profitable solution.

Nosokos has a clearly-advantageous quality/price ratio, verifiable by a rapid return on investment.

A logical, long-term solution.

From easy implementation, rapid autonomy of prevention teams, minimal training, a turnkey integration into internal systems and a modular and scalable approach, Nosokos meets all your needs.

The interoperable solution.

Nosokos integrates into your organization and ensures interoperability with other systems in order to optimize processes and eliminate redundancy.

For you in the field

Always one step ahead

Everyday life made simpler, more enjoyable, and more efficient.

It’s a pivotal solution to help you remain in control and fully assume your responsibilities. To help you avoid the worst and to help you keep a cool head and your peace of mind…even in critical situations.

A solution that fits into your daily life.

A design based on your ways of doing things, your infection prevention workflows, and your professional concerns. A solution designed to lighten the workload of practitioners and nurses, and to optimize their efficiency.

Nurse in the infection prevention team

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Our infection prevention software, Nosokos,
is already implemented in many healthcare facilities.

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