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Multiple advantages
for antibiotic stewardship

Be alert, not alarmed.

As soon as resistance emerges, Antibiokos automatically generates a real-time alarm for rapid action by antibiotic governance teams. Isolation protocols or other coordinated interventions are executed immediately for a reduced response time.

More time for intervention.

Antibiokos reduces data compilation time and non-productive tasks by up to 90% to maximize efficiency and provide more time to intercept optimizable antibiotic prescriptions. This enables professionals to use their skills where they really count.

Surgical precision.

Antibiokos algorithms continuously monitor data in real time to optimize your antibiotic stewardship. The system’s accuracy rate greatly exceeds that of human oversight.

Illustration of a pharmacist using the Antibiokos dashboard

Access information fast.

Antibiokos collects all patient data in one place, automatically. The interconnectivity between Antibiokos and the various internal systems provides access to a maximum of information and automatically compiles a complete portrait of the patient, for faster, more informed control and monitoring.

Intervene without interference.

The internal practices standardized by Antibiokos provide for more efficient management of the antibiotic therapy governance teams. The common vision is tightly framed for optimal communication and intervention, without interference.

Fast access to reports.

Dynamic reports provided with each of our software products extend business intelligence to management. By fully monitoring all statistics and data available in our applications, you can configure and export reports according to your business rules and antibiotic stewardship guidelines. Automated distribution also reduces the time and energy spent managing.

A modular approach for maximum efficiency

Nosokos features different modules that can be adapted to your needs and internal processes.

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