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The complexity of medical decision-making around the use of antibiotics requires a computerized system. Antibiokos is the antimicrobial stewardship software that meets this need.

This powerful management tool for antimicrobial stewardship uses leading-edge technology to integrate data from various systems, intercepts optimizable prescriptions and fights against the emergence of antimicrobial resistance.

Your solution for
antimicrobial stewardship.

Antibiokos’ intelligence helps antibiotic therapy governance teams maximize their time and monitor their work’s effectiveness, through advanced monitoring algorithms. Antibiokos continually monitors data, and stands out for its many advantages.

Optimizes antibiotic prescriptions.
Selects certain antibiotics subject to monitoring.
Produces consumption rate reports.
Establishes correlations between various factors.
Reduces costs associated with prescribing antibiotics.
Fights effectively against the emergence of antimicrobial resistance.
Generates an alert when a prescription doesn’t meet predefined parameters.
Photo of a pharmacist who validates the prescription of antibiotics
For you managers

Less medication. More prevention.

Antibiotics account for more than 30% of healthcare facility medication costs. Implementing an antibiotic governance system to monitor antibiotic resistance in real time can reduce these costs by 5% to 30%. This represents substantial savings that can cover the entire investment in such a system.

For you in the field

Share responsibilities.

Antibiokos’ promise is that you’ll be able to rely on a proven, reliable antimicrobial stewardship solution to support you in your day-to-day responsibilities. While you do your job, Antibiokos does its own by monitoring optimizable antimicrobial prescriptions. It’s a solution developed to meet your reality, your challenges and your needs. It does collaborative work to simplify your daily life and to optimize your work.

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