Data Security

Our commitment

At Nosotech, we are committed to ensuring the security of our customers’ data. We align ourselves with strict security measures to guarantee security in the storage of your data and optimal protection of personal information.

Report a vulnerability

If you believe you have discovered or experienced a security breach, please report it to us by following the steps below.


Speak with an employee or manager

We invite you to first talk to a Nosotech employee or manager.

We will get back to you promptly to fully understand the situation, take the necessary corrective measures to resolve the situation quickly and avoid any recurrence.

Be sure to :

  • Submit your contact information so that we can take over your case as soon as possible.
  • Explain the circumstances and details of the security breach you are reporting.
  • Provide any documentation that would facilitate the understanding of the situation and your expectations of the Nosotech team.


File a complaint

If you remain dissatisfied despite the intervention of a member of the Nosotech team, you may file a complaint with the Data Security Team by mail or e-mail.

Contact us

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