Erasme Hospital Infection Prevention & Control team shares their story from Brussels

Testimony of Mrs Huguette Strale, Head Nurse, Epidemiology and Hospital Hygiene, Erasme Hospital

December 20th, 2022

The starting point

In 2017, as part of the collaborations between Quebec and Wallonia Brussels’ Federation (FRS-FRQ program), we submitted a vast research project associating the Center Hospitalier Universitaire de Montréal, the Sainte-Justine Hospital and the Erasme Hospital, aiming for a multimodal approach to the fight against infections (anthropological approach, quality engineering and IT). To our great joy, the project was selected and enabled a fruitful collaboration between our various institutions.

It is in this context that we had access to the Nosokos infection prevention software already implemented in Quebec in some fifty major healthcare facilities.

The implementation of the software was carried out in January 2020…

Who could have foreseen that, a few weeks later, we would be in the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic, the scale, duration and consequences of which in terms of public health and hospital management would be unparalleled?

A real challenge!

« Nosokos was a true relief for our teams
and an essential contribution to get through this crisis. »

The Nosotech team worked with us to speed up the implementation and quickly train our teams to use the software.

Nosokos was tested in real time for a different application than initially planned: monitoring Covid-19 patients!

The stakes were high : our hospitals were faced with a scarcity of staff, a mobilization of each caregiver on all fronts, a completely reoriented hospital management, new priorities, a daily adaptation to the news and the influx of patients !

Nosokos, how does it work ?

« Nosokos was of great help on a daily basis ! »

  • Nosokos constantly queries the source data of the various internal systems. As soon as a critical infection situation is interpreted, Nosokos automatically generates a real-time alarm for rapid action.

  • Nosokos automatically gathers all patient data in one place.

  • Nosokos algorithms act as a sentinel continuously and… in real time. Thereby, the accuracy rate of the system greatly exceeds that of the human monitoring!

We benefited, every day and over time, from the advantages of this tool:

  • Clear vision of the epidemiological situation

  • Alarm management

  • Creation of event monitoring records

  • Creation of infection monitoring reports

  • Close monitoring of healthcare-associated infections

  • Significant reduction in data compilation time and non-productive tasks to maximize efficiency and time spent on prevention

  • Perfect control of data flows and therefore incredible time saving!

Today, we share our conclusion:

« Sincerely we asked ourselves:
how would we have done without Nosokos ? »

Our teams have adapted to the software. The old habits are behind us. We are ready in case of a new pandemic even if of course, we would prefer avoiding it! Our efforts remain focused on controlling nosocomial infections. Thanks to Nosokos, we can act faster, we have eliminated tasks without added value from our procedures, we have control of our data and our validation processes.

« Of course the installation of a new  tool
can be uncomfortable at the start, but
I don’t know how we would have managed
the crisis without Nosokos. »

And now… ?

The teams have full confidence in Nosokos. We are going to develop new interfaces for our services and extend the tool to partner hospitals.

To know more about Nosokos, click here.

Thanks to Mrs Huguette Strale, Head Nurse, Clinic of Epidemiology and Hospital Hygiene, Erasme Hospital, Brussels, for sharing her experience.

« Nosokos changed our lives ! »

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