Simplicity as a goal.
Performance as a destination.

Our medical decision-making software is based on common principles resulting from an in-depth knowledge of users’ reality in the field and the concerns of organizations in the healthcare sector.

Efficient medical decision-making solutions

The R&D approach for all of our solutions is focused on 360-degree understanding of your medical decision-making challenges.

Semantic interoperability

This is the concrete expression of our ability to merge infectiology and information technology. Through complex algorithms, clinical data is processed and grouped in a logic of standardization in which this data reveals its true meaning, where it become business intelligence.

Compatible with your internal systems

Since our beginnings, we have accumulated expertise in clinical data exchange interface configuration and management to ensure that our solutions operate regardless of the systems in place. Our effectiveness rate is 100%.

Optimal integration

We strive for operational efficiency and a maximum level of data exploitation. The perfect integration of our interfaces with internal systems enables us to exploit the full potential of a pivotal solution that groups and executes all the tasks and functions of the PCI/antimicrobial governance team.


The modular approach inherent in our solutions facilitates perfect compatibility with healthcare establishments’ specific needs and modes of operation. Our solutions adapt to your needs, and not the other way around.

The best of the web environment

Our web-based technologies use recognized standards and robust platforms that simplify operations at all levels. Whether for updates, centralized maintenance or security, our web-based approach facilitates integration with various systems of any generation and any technology.

Easy implementation

Our field experience enables us to approach implementation from the user's point of view in order to minimize the time required by your teams to configure and to ensure rapid autonomy for the users. Our approach stands out for its full support when our team configures interfaces and the high level of customization available to ensure that the solution provides optimal efficiency for your operations.

Evolutionary vision

We believe that our expert systems should be designed for the long term. Our technological choices and our applications’ original structure are created to accommodate new functions or to respond to specific requests, without compromising their lifespan or scope.

Multi-establishment efficiency

Our solutions support structures with several levels of groupings in order to meet the specific needs and requirements of any type of organization.

High-performance healthcare software with users in mind

Our vision of infection prevention puts healthcare users at the heart of our medical decision-making software. Our development is based on four guiding principles.

The human scale

Our solutions adapt to the users’ daily lives, not the other way around! Because we have extensive field experience, our solutions integrate, at the source, all the functions required for a simple, user-friendly and productive user experience. Infection control is our purpose. Top-notch technology is the means.

Real time

We provide the right information at the right time, in the right format, for efficient monitoring programs and a short response time. Our interfaces are designed from the perspective of providing intelligent information for better overall efficiency.

Simplified management

Reporting and other tasks related to monitoring and control require time and energy. Our software facilitates the automated completion of daily tasks alongside monitoring activities.

Daily efficiency

For such things as case and denominator entry, task automation and data centralization, our approach reduces redundancy, human error and the use of print in favour of accuracy and complete adherence to business rules.

What are your management challenges?

We understand your medical decision-making needs and reality. Our team will guide you to the right solutions for your healthcare establishment—and ultimately mitigate the impact of infections while improving efficiency.

Take advantage of our expertise!